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as usual, i couldn’t think of a title.

2 min readJul 12, 2023

today, i woke up tired. my eyelids are heavy, and my mouth is open in a constant yawn. but there are many many things to do in the world; many tasks to accomplish, so i must rise above.

there is a job to attend to, there is food to be eaten, a joke to make, a woman to kiss, a meme to share, a pillowcase to be changed. so i must rise above.

there is so much health advice to listen to, and act upon; for i must walk in the sun, and stretch my legs and arms and back; i must eat an apple a day, and lots of vegetables too. so i must rise above.

there are conversations to be had; light conversations – difficult conversations – conversations that sit in the middle, unsettling you but not to the point of animosity. so i must rise above.

the psalmist says that it is a beautiful day that the lord has made, and even though the tiredness is smudging the lens with which i view the world, some of that aforementioned beauty is still very much visible:

the neighbours are waking up and the noise of preparation for their various days is a reminder that i am alive, that we are all alive and in this together;

the hum of all the electrical appliances in my house is a reminder of the brilliance of man, of that oft-mentioned intellect and curiosity that sets us apart from the animals;

and although you can no longer see the stars in a city like Lagos, you can see the sun – the sunshine is bright and golden and warm through my windows.

it is a day that might be beautiful or ugly or sad, depending on what i might face as it goes along. but to even catch a whiff of what this day might bring, i must live – i must rise above.




i was born in aba, so all my life i've felt like a spare part.